Money, money, money.

Below you will find some guidance and approximations – numbers, in answer to the “How much?” questions. Please, remember that:

  • quotes are provided on an individual basis because there are a lot of variables (from the tools used, such as whether we’re talking in-person or online services and if online, what kind specifically; the complexity of the issue at stake – and in case of mediation this is not only measured by the dispute value; the outcomes you want to achieve and many more);
  • my services are especially competitively priced when they are delivered online (as a lot of costs do not occur, such as travelling, venues etc.);
  • as a rule, I operate on a fixed fee basis, taking a large part of the risk off your shoulders (as I understand how important it is for business people and believe it is fair);
  • I’m a mediator, so I’m flexible;
  • in case of institutional mediation/ADR, the rules and caps of the institution will apply.

If you have any questions regarding any fees and costs, and especially when you wish to arrange an initial consultation upon which I will provide you with a specific quote, please contact me by email.

Typically, €250 – €1000 (+ 23% VAT).

This category ranges from negotiation support through conflict prevention to complete conflict management and dispute prevention, containment and resolution systems design (or even further, including implementation and so on).

So, €250 (+ 23% VAT) refers to, for example, a series of sessions aimed at creating a dedicated negotiation strategy; whereas €1000 (+ 23% VAT) refers to, for example, designing a dedicated system of conflict management and dispute prevention, containment and resolution for a start-up. As you can imagine, when the start-up at stake has many employees, partners and various strategic and jurisdictional considerations, the task becomes much more complicated (potentially involving other specialists) and so the fee rises. 

Typically, €250 – €2500 (+ 23% VAT).


This category allows for both online and in-person delivery, thereby accounting for the broad price range. It depends on what you want to achieve (for example have a team dynamics audit, create a good communication culture, learn how to give feedback, have difficult conversations or maybe motivate and lead your team), who/how many people will be trained etc. My services are tailored to your needs and their cost reflects the most feasible way of achieving these needs, while also taking into consideration the above variables.

My basic fee for fully online mediation where I serve as mediator is €500 (+ 23% VAT). 

Unless the case is very complex (for whatever reason), the €500 (+ 23% VAT) is the rate.

The variation, however, is typically between €250 (+ 23% VAT) and €5000 (+ 23% VAT).


This category contains many different services besides acting as a mediator. I can analyse and help you prepare your mediation strategy, serve as an adviser on the team or consult in many other capacities.

When invoiced on a “per item” basis, typically €100 – €250 (+ 23% VAT) each. 

When invoiced on a “subscription” basis, starting from €100 (+ 23% VAT) per month.


This category includes various goals and services, from leadership development to team building. The fees depend on the KPIs, as well as frequency, complexity and methods.

P.S. I also offer free coaching & mentoring, to give back to the community, especially in a crisis. See the “FREE SERVICES” category below.

As a way of giving back to the community (of both business people and legal/ADR professionals) and supporting other businesses, especially those at the beginning of their journey, I can provide for free some of the services KJADR offers on a commercial basis. To me, it is also a great way to improve my skills, learn more by receiving valuable customer feedback, iterate and… make the surroundings, if not the world, better. So, get in touch if you’re interested.