Turning conflicts into opportunities.

for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small & medium businesses.

KJADR is a boutique alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practice and business communication consultancy of Karolina Jackowicz.

I support businesses in navigating conflicts – an inevitable and vital part of running a company – efficiently and successfully. That means with:

  • solutions compatible with both the people’s and business’ needs;
  • the least amount of disruption to your daily operations and long-term growth;
  • the goal of turning difficulties into a source of improvement and innovation.

In practice, I help entrepreneurs, start-ups and small & medium enterprises (SMEs):

  • create a good working space and company culture rooted in open communication;
  • design and implement conflict management systems based on dispute avoidance and containment, tailored to the particular demands of my client’s business;
  • resolve disputes by serving as a mediator.

With my services delivered mainly online – KJADR caters to the needs and habits of the digital natives and busy professionals.

KJADR provides an answer to the problem faced by many small businesses: preventing and resolving disputes conveniently, effectively and affordably. This is a challenge I understand very well, as a fellow creative industries entrepreneur and CEO of a tech start-up. Hence, my industry experience, together with legal education and dispute resolution expertise create a unique setting for helping you become an effective communicator and your business thrive, turning conflicts into opportunities.

If my approach and profile sound like what you’re looking for – let’s discuss your needs and how I can help you and your business.

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