There are no stupid questions.

A lot of questions are fairly common and on the minds of many past or prospective clients or business partners of KJADR. Therefore, below you’ll find the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”). 

  • This is a “living” section, and so will be updated when the same questions get asked frequently.
  • These questions are mainly procedural/administrative and/or technical.
  • For any “merits” of effective communication and mediation – please visit the relevant parts of this website, such as the dedicated mediation subpage and browse the blog, where I publish many helpful articles in the fields in question. I also encourage you to follow KJADR’s social media channels.

If you have any other questions (within the remit of KJADR’s services) you can contact me by email and I will always respond individually. I’m looking forward to hearing from you 😊!

Formally (for tax and legal purposes) KJADR is based in Poland. This is because of Brexit uncertainty – since 2008 I’ve been based in London, UK yet recently decided to move my business activities overseas. Unfortunately, in light of the many unknowns around the UK leaving the EU and the clear benefits the EU provides, I’ve decided to anchor my business in my home jurisdiction of Poland. 

KJADR – the trading name of Karolina Jackowicz ADR – is registered in Poland (EU).
KJADR’s address is Karolina Jackowicz ADR (KJADR), ul. Zurawia 6/12 lok 766, 00-503 Warszawa, Poland. VAT & Taxpayer’s Identification Number (NIP) 8222153197. For full details visit CEIDG.

Practically, given that KJADR is a one-person business operated by me, Karolina Jackowicz, and it is almost fully digital (on purpose!) it can be delivered from wherever I and my devices, connected to the Internet, happen to be. As I travel a lot [UPDATE: used to, until the COVID-19 outbreak] this means everywhere: my physical whereabouts vary. This does not affect whatsoever my ability to deliver KJADR’s services.  

Yes, I do provide my services offline (in-person), too. 

Frequently a mediation session between international parties will take place in a third, “neutral”, location or abroad for some of the parties involved. As a mediator, I, too, can travel. 

As to teaching and training, I have a vast experience in delivering workshops, lectures and courses in the professional and academic setting in various locations internationally. In some cases, such as a large group of attendees, it is better to deliver on-site training at the client’s premises or in their chosen location to which I can travel.

Almost anywhere globally. 

For the offline (in-person) delivery of KJADR services, I am willing to travel to almost any location. A few exceptions are places where travel is officially not advised. This means, for example, places which are not considered safe by most EU governments.

In English and Polish.

English is my everyday language, having been educated, trained professionally, worked and lived for years in London, UK. 

Polish is my mother tongue, in which I also have been educated, professionally trained and worked. 

I also understand written/spoken French and Russian. However, my ability to actively use French and Russian is currently more conversational. Therefore, I would not undertake any assignments in these languages.

As to translation – I am open to such options, under the right circumstances (which we can discuss individually, please contact me by email).

I specialise in civil and commercial dispute resolution and business communication consulting. Especially, given my experience and education & training, you can benefit from my expertise if you are and/or your case or need concerns:

  • a solo entrepreneur, start-up, SME (small & medium enterprise);
  • new technologies and creative (digital) industries;
  • international issues;
  • a requirement for both legal and business experience.


Currently, I am not listed nor have I actively sought inclusion on any such lists. Yet, I am open to being nominated (or otherwise selected either by the parties or the institution’s administrative bodies) given that I am appropriately trained and experienced to provide services under many institutional rules.

Yes and no. 

Not as KJADR, as currently KJADR provides only tailored and individually designed and delivered training.

Yes, as I do provide training in the forms effectively open to the general public. So, this way, you can participate and benefit from my know-how when you:

  • follow KJADR’s social media, such as my YouTube channel, where from May 2020 onwards I’ll be posting some open training videos;
  • follow the blog;
  • attend a training session delivered by other organisations where I am a trainer (per the organiser’s criteria for admission and participation). 

Obviously, whenever you contract individual services, these will be tailored to your very specific needs. Therefore the open training and materials (such as on social media) are not a substitute for what you would receive and achieve with individual service provided by KJADR. Yet, they are a good introduction or a demo of what you could expect from me and whether my style suits you.

[COVID-19 UPDATE] FREE TRAINING & CONSULTING TO ENTREPRENEURS, START-UPS & SME’S AFFECTED BY THE OUTBREAK. In this new reality, both societal and economic, I would like to help my fellows, especially those located in the hardest-hit countries. This is my contribution, so it is completely free. By doing this I aim to not only help people but to also learn and improve the customer experience for future KJADR clients. So, it is a win-win. Please, contact me by email, if you want me to arrange a session.

This type of consulting is not my core service as primarily my services are dedicated to businesses, not lawyers, mediators and other professionals with profiles similar to mine (or willing to leap into the field of ADR/ODR). However, I believe to have some valuable experience and know-how to share, especially in the field of online service provision. I have been focused on mediation, arbitration and online dispute resolution services for over 5 years now. For a long time, this has been considered a niche or a service for the distant future. Yet, this field accelerated recently as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Many colleagues might be in need to move to online services and not in the know as to where to start. So, I am willing to help. Please, contact me by email, if you want me to arrange a session.

In our contract, we will individually and upfront agree on both the currency and the method of payment. Currently, I accept – and so you can choose from – payments:

  • in EUR, GBP, PLN, USD;
  • via bank (wire) transfer, PayPal and Revolut.

Please note that, as per my Terms of Business, I issue VAT invoices, typically with 14-day payment window. In most cases, there will be two invoices and two payments: a 50% down payment (akin to a deposit) and a final invoice issued post-service delivery (for the remaining part of the core fee and, if applicable, expenses reimbursement). Where expenses are expected, we might also agree on some upfront participation towards them.

The tragedy of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic has affected everyone. We can overcome this virus and its consequences only by staying focused (and at home), strong and empathetic. Together. While I cannot help directly on the frontline, I believe to have the relevant know-how, capacity and willingness to do my bit: by listening to you. I can also help you and your company prepare for, unfortunately undoubtedly many difficult conversations which are to come. Please, contact me by email, if you want me to arrange a session for you. I can offer, for free, some of the otherwise paid-for services, including effective communication and coaching.